Natural mineral eye shadows come in a wide range of colors

Natural mineral eye shadows come in a wide range of colors - so this gives you the ability to create unlimited styles - from natural to dramatic. With so many colors to choose from that can match eye shadow to your skin tone, the beauty of their eyes or even the color of their hair. Natural eye shadows are resistant to wrinkles and will not fade, which means you can bring daylight into the darkness of the night.

Mineral makeup is beautiful (Natural Mineral Makeup) uses only pure loose mineral eye shadows crushed. This means that our minerals are all natural - no preservatives. It is also safe enough to be used by people with sensitive eyes and skin. Our minerals contain bismuth (not bite) or parabens, is SPF 30, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. And our colors are long lasting, which means fewer applications during the day. With so many colors (about 20) to choose between the options of your eyes can offer look glamorous and sexy.

Our shadows are oh so versatile. Beautiful You can not only be used as a Minerals mineral powder natural shade of the eye - for a subtle look, but can also be used as an eyeliner or lipstick - just apply the powder with a damp brush for a more dramatic look . Now, how about that for versatility!

For the day of coverage - with less color, try using one or two shades eye shadow applied through the eyelid and the lighter shade on your brow, just under the external front to the inner corner of eye. The use of a single light color on the entire eyelid to minimize their eyes. This can make the eyes look like thin or pale, but with a darker color to go with the lighter shade will maximize their eyes and were certainly noticed. For a more dramatic look for evening or at night try using three shades of shadow. You can use your coverage during the day as a starting point, but as an additional function of a third darker shade to the crease and outer "V" of your eyes.

If you choose to use mineral eye shadow as an eyeliner that is best to use the darkest color of your choice - this is going to add more drama to the eyes. There are so many colors and many different ways to use and apply natural eye shadow. The colors of eye shadow you choose should be based on your personal tastes and how it matches up with the eyes and skin tone. It all depends on your preference.

Eye shadow is big on free speech. The colors and shades available are almost limitless, and eye shadow powders textures ranging from light and bright powder, cream, liquid or powder becomes dry. Eye shadow can really dress up your look, if you opt for dramatic colors that accentuate your eyes and your computer, or subtle and neutral tones that complement the clothing and skin tone.

The eye shadow colors of the season appear to be bright and smoky and seductive, although whites and neutrals glimmery add a precious and soft. Favorite colors of eye shadow over the world seem to be in purple and aqua families - especially amethyst, purple and white with matching shiny. The unwritten rule: Do not be afraid to go a little bolder, a little darker!

Bold colors - Bright, bold and dramatic

Make us an opportunity to enhance our best features, and for many, the eyes are among the top. If you enjoy and continue to set trends, bold color and intense eye shadow might be perfect for you. Imagine a beautiful purple hue accent your look, or a bright turquoise drawing attention to your eyes. You can associate these colors with their counterparts paler shade or a white glow in the eye of a sexy, come-and-see-me.

Many brands have started to offer eye shadow sets with three, four or even five complementary colors. Another popular style of glimmery, eye shadow with glitter dust loose brightness. New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust Eyeshadow Gloss is a spa and salon favorite, but is available for only $ 3 to $ 7. Loose powder colors cascading through a cold icy blue roses, all presented in a spill-proof bottle with their own makeup brushes.

Organic spring beautiful shades like orange, green, yellow, blue and brown are making waves in the world of makeup. Score some eye shadows in these bold and beautiful tones and experience to create your own audacity. Mix and match colors of eye shadow or adhere to a single tone. Enjoy creating a look that works for you!

Neutral - soft and sensual

If you are not quite brave enough for a bright blue-green or turquoise splash through their eyelids, or a good beating and purple on your eyes, you may want to stay within the realms of less is more . Do not be discouraged if you feel comfortable with intense shades of eye shadow. With less than a dramatic tone, you can still have a rockin 'look. Just choose a product that offers a subtle sheen!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Bronzer Shade custom strips, blush and eye is a great product to add a splash of color to the eyelids. I chose this combination eye shadow, blush, bronzer and makeup to use on my wedding day. Everything went fine and I can not get enough of it yet! Bright strips are available in several colors, and each compact has five different tones. Dust packs a punch with a function of brightness. Turn it up with darker strips background color or tone it down with the top strip of brightness in lighter shades.
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